Who is This Number Calling Me: 10 Free Sites to Find Out Who Called Me From This Number

Phone calls from unknown numbers can be stressful. You don't know whether you should pick up or return a missed call. In most cases, it will leave you anxious or curious.

Could it be an important call you can't afford to miss or a telemarketer trying to sell you something you aren't interested in? Whoever it is, you need to find out who they are and what they want.

Who is Calling me From This Number?

Many people or companies can get hold of your number and call you. Some are innocent calls, while others are unknown calls that can be something to worry about. So, who called?


Some businesses are still stuck in the old ways of direct marketing. They'll instruct their salesperson to call prospective or previous customers and chat to them about what they're selling. They tend to call repeatedly, and while their intentions aren't bad, they're borderline harassment. Performing a reverse phone number lookup will tell you if a number belongs to a telemarketer.

Prank Calls

Prank callers walk on a thin thread. Some could be from random people trying to make fun of you, while others could be looking to use prank calls to threaten or scam you. They can repeatedly call without leaving a voicemail and hope you pick up. Free caller ID lookup tools like TruePeopleSearchFast can help you identify prank calls.

Emergency Calls

Not all calls from unknown numbers are something threatening and invading your privacy. It could be an emergency call from a hospital, EMTs, paramedics, or law enforcement to alert you of an emergency. Maybe your loved one has been rushed to a hospital, and they gave your number to the nurse in charge to get in touch with you. You'll want to return as calls.

Old Friends or Long Lost Relatives

Losing touch with childhood friends or previous colleagues is expected. But you don't forget each other. One of you might break the silence one day and call. When that happens, you might have a hard time figuring it's them if you had lost their number. But the only way to decide if you should call them back or not is first to find out who the number belongs to.

These are just some of the people who could be calling you. The loss is exhaustive. If you have just received an unknown call and are wondering, "who called me from this phone number," there's one remedy. You should use a free reverse phone number lookup tool to find out a caller's ID and other vital information that can be helpful.

For that reason, we've created this list of ten free sites to find out who called you, starting with the three best ones.

Top 3 Solutions

  • TruePeopleSearchFast - Best Overall For Free Phone Number Lookup
  • Spokeo - Perform Instant Reverse Phone Number Lookup
  • TruthFinder - Reliable Caller ID Lookup

10 Sites to Find Out Who Called Me

1. True People Search Fast: - Best Overall For Free Phone Number Lookup

TruePeopleSearchFast is an online search engine that lets you perform phone number lookups in minutes. It employs the best and latest algorithms that can help you get an unknown caller's number and other details. Beyond that, it can be a great tool to establish the credibility and authenticity of a caller. This can prevent you from falling victim to pranks and scam calls.

This free phone number lookup can help you identify more than a caller's name. It will generate detailed reports containing an email ID, address, and other identification details that can be tied to your unknown callers.

To ensure that users get the best service possible and increase their accuracy, TruePeopleSearchFast updates its database and only integrates with viable public sources. This means you'll be able to get even the most essential details about the person who called you, including their criminal records.

To perform a free reverse phone number lookup on TruePeopleSearchFast, you only need to type or paste the unknown number that had called you. The platform is entirely safe and won't alert the person behind the number you looked up. The only downside is that you will have to pay $0.95 to start your free trial to access more detailed reports.

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2. Spokeo - Perform Instant Reverse Phone Number Lookup
spokeo page

Spokeo is one of the most recognizable tools that lets you perform free reverse phone lookup to identify who called you. Using advanced proprietary technology, you can uncover the caller's identity, location, social media handles, and pictures. The system will run a phone number through a massive directory and provide you with detailed, easy-to-understand reports. Furthermore, you can download the report and keep it for future reference.

Verifying a caller's identity is vital if you want to avoid scams, protect your loved ones, or just find who called or texted you before you can get back to them. And Spokeo is committed to helping you achieve that.

Spokeo will let you conduct hassle-free searches right from their homepage to ensure efficiency and save you valuable time. The process is simplified and quick. It will analyze over 12 billion public records to bring accurate information instantly.

Additionally, the service comes with advanced filtering options, which will help you get only the information you want and pinpoint the number you are looking for. Spokeo also alerts users when new info has been added. The major downside to the service is that it is only available in the US.

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3. TruthFinder - Reliable Caller ID Lookup
truthfinder page

If you are looking for a reliable service to help you look up a caller's ID with a few clicks, TruthFinder is the perfect one. With the rise in scam callers, you must take steps to ensure you don't fall victim and suffer losses. TruthFinder is dedicated to helping you access complete profiles of an unknown number calling you with little effort. You'll know their names, aliases, and even previous owners of a phone numbers.

Its integration with the dark web makes TruthFinder stand out from other tools offering reverse phone number lookup. To ensure you get all the information you need in your report, TruthFinder will scan and monitor the deep dark Web and pick all the details related to the number that just called you. And of course, they also use national and international public databases, expanding their credibility. This can be vital, especially when traveling abroad and you want to confirm the legitimacy of the people you are dealing with.

With such a vast database, TruthFinder can provide information you can't find in most services. This includes the marital status of your unknown caller, education, and even employment status. But to get this extra perk, you might have to upgrade from the free phone number lookup.

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4. TruePersonFinder
TruePersonFinder Page

As the name suggests, TruePersonFinder is a tool that will help you find a person's identity by simply performing a reverse phone number search. Detecting spam callers blowing your phone at odd hours and trying to understand their motives is vital for your security. Using a free phone lookup tool, you can deduce the severity of the issue and determine what action to take. You can block the number and move on if it's nothing serious.

TruePersonFinder can also help in missed call identification. Suppose you woke up to five missed calls from a new suspicious number. Before you call back, you can quickly search using this tool and know who called you. TruePersonFinder will provide detailed results showing your caller's full names, addresses, email, and marital status. Using the information you garner, you can take appropriate actions.

You can complete a search on this platform in three steps and find out who called me free. First, insert the number on the search bar and hit enter. TruePersonFinder will run the search against its directory and give you a match. You can then apply the filters you like to narrow down information. The final step is obtaining the report. You'll have to enter your email, and the report will be sent to your address.

You might have to pay depending on the kind of report you want. An in-depth report containing all the identifying information will cost you a small fee.

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5. ZabaSearch
ZabaSearch Page

ZabaSearch is another highly rated tool that lets you perform reverse phone number lookups to know who called you. It can provide the caller's personal information, social media data, photos, and online activities. It can also reveal their addresses. When using the basic version, you can perform a search to reveal who is calling me from this number for free. Their searches will aid you in discovering all the caller's information in US public records, including gender and age.

ZabaSearch utilizes the best software to provide comprehensive searches and protect users' data. Your privacy is paramount when trying to find who keeps calling your phone. The main downside is some of the filters may experience downtime once in a while, but overall it is reliable.

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6. FindPeopleFast
FindPeopleFast Page

FindPeopleFast is one of the best free phone lookup tools to help you find who is calling you from unknown numbers. When compiling data to identify a mobile number, you want a report that leaves nothing out. And that's precisely what you get with FindPeopleFast; every little detail will be included in your results after a search. It will be up to you to prioritize and decide what you value the most.

You'll identify your caller using specific information like name, age, and location, as well as the more critical ones. FindPeopleFast doesn't leave anything to chance. You'll know your caller's criminal record, court cases, and traffic violations.

What's more, the company thrives on transparency. They'll tell you how their data is sourced, guarantee your privacy, and most importantly, charge you no hidden fee to check this or other phone numbers online.

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7. BeenVerified
BeenVerified Page

BeenVerified is a widely used service that has helped over a million people verify the details of who called them, check mobile numbers, and perform reverse phone lookups for free. Whether you want to reconnect with old friends or establish trust with new ones, BeenVerified can help you find vital information. You can look up all their information on this reputable tool using a new number that they have called you with before taking further action.

Accuracy and building customer relationships are essential for BeenVerified. For this reason, they're always going the extra length to ensure you get top-notch service when checking a telephone number. Using their advanced caller identification algorithm, you can search their directory for any number and get the latest, accurate, updated information.

Besides that, the report can contain personal information, including photos for more accurate results and property records to give a more reliable address. But thus, extra features are only included in the premium version of BeenVerified.

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8. InstantCheckMate
InstantCheckMate Page

Have you just received a mystery call and thought, "who has called me from this phone number?" There are probably many people who could fit that profile, but a free reverse mobile number search can help you narrow it down. InstantCheckMate is an online tool that you can use to check and identify the owner of the number that just called you.

In simple and direct steps, the app will lay bare all the information that could aid in your investigation. From the name, email, location, social media data, and even a picture, just to kill the curiosity and leave you satisfied. Over the years, InstantCheckMate has been updating its database and now amassing enough public records to help you conduct accurate searches.

On top of that, the site also keeps its users private. You can access their vast directory to make as many searches as possible without worrying that you will be compromised. The only downside is that searches can be slow. This is attributed to the fact that it has to go through a massive database. But the extra minutes of waiting will be worth it.

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9. PeopleSearchFaster
PeopleSearchFaster Page

PeopleSearchFaster is an online tool that lets you trace and check unknown numbers to check who they belong to and where they're calling from. They utilize the latest technological stacks to integrate their site with a public database to help you find your calling. After a simple search, you'll be provided with every detail associated with the number. The report will contain age, email, address, alternative number, and more.

PeopleSearchFaster has built a reputation and established itself as the go-to site for anyone looking for a "completely free reverse phone lookup with name" service. One of the platform's downsides is its overreliance on public and government databases to provide services. This can sometimes be restrictive.

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10. EasyPeopleSearch
EasyPeopleSearch Page

The final tool on our list that you can use to find out who is calling is the simple to use EasyPeopleSearch. This phone number lookup search engine will let you uncover all the basic information of a person calling you in minutes.

As the name suggests, EasyPeopleSearch search makes the process easy by employing a user-friendly website that lets you conduct your searches without difficulty. You can find all information about your caller, including financial, property, and criminal records. The site pulls information from various sources to ensure nothing is left to chance.

But it is also this advantage that can work against it. You have to spend extra minutes going through the report with so much information.

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Final Thoughts

You will often receive unknown phone calls. Some might mean no harm, while others can cause a storm. Nonetheless, you should know how to identify which phone call you should return and which number you should block. Using any of the ten "free who called me" tools we have reviewed in this article should help you make that decision.

While the tools highlighted here aren't necessarily perfect, you shouldn't lack one that can help you find the identity of the person calling you from an unknown number. Explore each option carefully, and settle on the one that makes the most sense to you. Good luck!