Who's Calling Me? – Who Could It Be?

Old Friend/ Acquaintance

The unknown caller can be your old acquaintance trying to get in contact with you. They might have lost your phone number and want to come back into your life. It can be any of your relatives trying to contact you for an important matter.


The unknown caller can be your stalker ex-partner who wants to get in touch with you again. It can be an important thing or just a bizarre way to stay connected with you.

Wrong Callers

Technology can create confusion, and human errors are possible. Therefore, the unknown call on your phone can purely be a mistake by the caller while calling another person's phone number. It takes one digit's mistake, and the whole phone number changes.


The person behind the call can be a scammer. A scammer can have different purposes for calling someone. However, he only wants to get your personal or financial information and harass you.


Marketing is surely a significant aspect of any business. But it can turn out problematic and irritating for people if the telemarketers use the calling strategy. Some telemarketers make numerous calls to convince people to buy their products. If you know who's calling me, then you can avoid this situation.

Emergency Caller

There can be an emergency with your friends or family, and they might be calling you for assistance. For instance, your daughter might have met with a minor accident, or your friend might need money. You cannot help them without finding out whose number is this calling me.

Why is It Important to Know Who Called Me?

To Avoid Scammers

You can avoid uncomfortable situations, like losing your money or letting the scammer steal your identity.

Outsmart Prankster

If a prankster is repeatedly interrupting your day, you can block him and avoid inconvenience and frustration.

Be Safe from Phone Harassment

Phone harassment is a serious matter and can destroy your mental peace. By knowing who called me, you can save yourself from harassment.

Know About a New Business Opportunity

The unknown caller might be calling from any business company that wants to take your job interview.

Know About the Emergency

It is significant to know whose number is this, so you can help your friend or family through any emergency.

To Know Who Should be Blocked

By knowing whose number is this, you can know who should be blocked right away to keep yourself and your family safe.

How to Find Out Who Called Me with TruePeopleSearchFast?

Carrying a phone lookup search is just as easy as doing a Google search. With TruePeopleSearchFast, you only must follow the three simple steps given below:

Step 1: Visit TruePeopleSearchFast Page

TruePeopleSearchFast works directly from the homepage, so head over to the official website. Click on the "Phone Lookup" tab from the homepage search bar.

Step 2: Enter Phone Number

Now, enter the phone number of your target person, and click on the "Start Search" button.

Step 3: Find Relevant Information

It will take a couple of minutes for TruePeopleSearchFast to pull the search results related to the given number. Click on the matching profile of the person and find their information, and know whose phone number is this.

What Information Can I Find on TruePeopleSearchFast?

Phone Number Identity
Court Records
Background Check
Age and Date of Birth
Contact Numbers
Traffic Tickets
Current Address
Sex Offender Data
Arrest Records
Vital Records
Criminal Records

What to Do After Knowing Who Called You?

Ignore the Call

If you know who's behind the call and the caller is not important at all, such as a telemarketer or a stalker, you will know what to do. If the matter is insignificant and harmless, you can just ignore the call.

Return the Call

Once you've concluded whose phone number is this, you will know if the call should be returned or not. If the mysterious caller is your ex-friend or a family member and you want to get in contact with him/her, you can return the call.

Block the Scam Phone Number

If you've confirmed the identity of the caller and the caller is a scammer who's faking his identity to get your information, then proceed to block the caller. However, you should confirm the identity first and know who's phone number is this. Follow these steps to block the scammer phone caller:

Step 1: Go to your call history or tap on the "Phone" icon. Now, Choose the scam phone number and then click on the "Information/Details" button.

Step 2: Select the "Block this Number" option and confirm the action.

Report the Scam Phone Number

It is not enough to just block someone if the owner of that phone number has criminal records. Moreover, if the target person is harassing you, you should report him to the respective department. If you don't know how to report a harasser or suspicious person, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Reach to the"Federal Trade Commission"website.

Step 2: Tap on "Report Now" and select the complaint category according to the circumstances. Now, give all the required details, and follow the on-screen commands.

Other Free Ways to Find Out Who Called Me

Google Search

Looking someone through their phone number on a search engine like Google etc., is also a way to find who's calling me. You only need to type the phone number of that person and initiate the search. Type the phone number with the prefix or suffix of "Reverse Phone Lookup."

This will improve the chances of getting relatable results. If the phone number is involved in fraudulent or any criminal activity, the search will show the public details.

Social Media Search

It is beneficial to search for someone on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as it helps in identifying someone associated with a phone number. With this, you will have a clear idea about who's calling and whose number is this.

People provide detailed information on their social platforms and next to their contact information. Therefore, it's possible to fetch the relevant person's details through this technique. However, if they have kept their social accounts private, you may not find enough information.

How Can I Find Out Who Is Calling Me from Abroad?

Who is Calling Me in the UK?

If you are wondering whose number is this for free calling you in the UK, try to look them up on TruePeopleSearchFast. This service will easily help you find the person behind those unknown calls.

Whose Number is this Calling Me in Canada?

TruePeopleSearchFast provides quick access to finding the owner of any unknown number in Canada. You can find the person's age, date of birth, social profiles, and other information.

Who has Called Me in Australia?

A simple and quick search with TruePeopleSearchFast will help you find out who called me in Australia with its phone lookup service.

Who is Calling on My Number in Singapore?

For people living in Singapore, it is not a tough task to find whose phone number is this. With TruePeopleSearchFast, you can provide detailed information about the mysterious caller.

Who Called Me? TruePeopleSearchFast Helps You Find Out!

Are you tired of unknown calls during your busy day? This tool will help identify the caller through its vast database. Type the number and find out who called you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Attend the Call to Know Who is Calling?

If you already know whose number is this because you were expecting a call from your daughter's school or mother's doctor, then you should attend the call right away.

Can I Know Who Called Me From a Number?

Yes, with the help of TruePeopleSearchFast, you can find who's calling me. This service helps in accessing the person's name, social media applications, and addresses.

Will It Notify the Target Person If I Search Him?

All the searches made through TruePeopleSearchFast are secured and anonymous. Therefore, no one can find out that they are being checked by you.

Is Reverse Phone Lookup Secure?

Yes, all the searches made along with the identity of the user and target person are kept secure. Therefore, you can safely carry out as many searches as you want with TruePeopleSearchFast.

Should I Report the Phone Number Whose Owner Faked My Caller ID?

Yes, it is necessary to block such fraudsters who fake people's Caller IDs. It might be possible that they want to harm you and take your personal information from you. This way, you can stop the person from reaching out to you again and again.

Should I Block that Person?

Yes, by blocking them, you will stop their access to you. If that person is a telemarketer who is just disturbing you or a scammer who is trying to scam you, then it is necessary to block them.