15 Top Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Websites

Have you ever wanted to find out the person behind random text messages or phone calls? Or are you suspecting your spouse to be doing you dirty behind your back and want to find out the person behind all the phone calls and text messages? Well, the same is closer than you think.

Thanks to technology, finding the face behind a phone number is now very easy. Using the services of a reliable reverse phone lookup website, you can uncover the identity of anyone with a phone number in just a few clicks. You might be surprised how frequently such reverse lookups can come in handy. And to make it even better, some of these services are completely free — you get to find out who is behind all the spam calls without paying for anything.

This is why we went to great lengths to put together this list of the top reliable and free phone number lookup sites starting with the best three.

Best 3 Reverse Phone Lookup
  • True People Search Fast: Overall Best Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Spokeo: Fast and Extremely Accurate Results
  • TruthFinder: Updated and Verified Phone Number Information About Anyone

1. True People Search Fast: Overall Best Reverse Phone Lookup


True People Search Fast is, arguably, one of the best reverse phone number search websites available today. If you are looking for a service that offers the most accurate results in the shortest time possible, you should definitely check out True People Search Fast.

When you enter a phone number, the site searches through public records, data brokers, government agencies, corporate databases, and other online data sources to get you as much information as possible.

True People Search Fast will match the phone number to a list of potential candidates. In the end, you will receive a selection of reports, including information about each individual. Your inquiry will shift from "Who called me from this number?" to "What information should I verify first?"

Since the data originates from public records and other legal sources, this information is 100% legal. However, the information you receive depends on the caller's digital footprints. Expect anything from just a name to social media pages and other general contacts.

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2. Spokeo: Fast and Extremely Accurate Results

Spokeo Page

Spokeo is possibly the most well-known phone number lookup service on this list, with AT&T suggesting its use for identifying unfamiliar callers. When you use Spokeo to look for a phone number, the search engine will quickly go through millions of phone records to find information such as the person's name, email, social media profiles, and home address.

In addition, a more detailed report may contain additional background information, such as financial information, criminal records, and school history. In addition, this site does not require any log in information and therefore does not keep any record of your search.

If you don’t want your personal information floating online, you can request Spokeo to delete your won records from the site.

But there’s one flaw we noticed about this site. The website's user interface is not as engaging or user-friendly as other alternatives on our list. In addition, its database is not often updated. Therefore it may not always provide the most recent personal information on a number.

Investigate All Unknown Numbers With Spokeo

3. TruthFinder: Updated and Verified Phone Information About Anyone

TruthFinder Page

TruthFinder may not be the most user-friendly reverse phone lookup service or give the most extensive search choices, but it provides the most accurate and comprehensive basic background reports on this list.

It also allows you to search for yourself and correct false information if you are concerned about your internet visibility. However, the site's most remarkable feature is its reporting of social media accounts, employment histories, and criminal records. And it simply takes only a few minutes to generate a report on any kind of search.

The fact that TruthFinder’s database is frequently updated ensures you receive only accurate and relevant results. In addition, their customer service is as good as it gets, and their general reputation is excellent, as seen by the tens of thousands of 5-star customer ratings and testimonials on their website.

Look up any phone number on TruthFinder

4. GreatPeopleSearch

GreatPeopleSearch page

GreatPeopleSearch is a user-friendly, free reverse phone number searching service that systematically collects data from national, county, state, and municipal sources to generate accurate and quick reports.

The service can also run a free phone lookup on VOIP lines linked to a caller's IP address and break down a caller's basic information, such as their name, residence, family, social media accounts, work status, and properties and enterprises.

In addition, the website's user interface and structure are suitable for both mobile and desktop devices, assuring a seamless search procedure anytime you make a reverse cell phone lookup.

The only flaw with this great reverse phone number lookup site is that its search engine is limited to U.S. only results.

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5. Instant CheckMate

Instant Page

Instant CheckMate is an outstanding, free reverse phone number lookup service with a comprehensive search database that is linked to every imaginable public database and state agency. This means you can effortlessly trace any landline and mobile phone numbers listed in public records and available on the internet through this site.

As a result, the search engine will supply you with a detailed report that includes the caller's name, date of birth and age, social media sites, criminal history, email addresses, current and previous home addresses, and relationship status (single or married), and more.

In fact, this free number lookup site may provide criminal record information directly from the FBI database, making it a highly reputable data source.

In addition, the website's layout includes filtering options that allow you to narrow your search based on the information you key in.

The only flaw is that the customer service is not as responsive as it should be for this free reverse phone lookup service.

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6. Intelius

Intelius page

Intelius is perhaps the best website for reverse phone lookups, partly because of its very reputable search engine, which is renowned for continuously delivering exceptionally detailed search results on any caller.

One of its key features is that it provides its findings in a web-like format, allowing you to easily map the links between your subject and their employment history, acquaintances, and former addresses.And while this may seem simple, it can make a world of difference in how you interpret the data and detect connections that you may have missed using other free reverse phone lookup software.

However, this does not mean that the number lookup service is flawless, as Intelius has occasionally been known to produce a few minor mistakes in its reports.

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7. EasyPeopleSearch

EasyPeopleSearch Page

EasyPeopleSearch is a free phone lookup tool that enables you to conduct quick number lookup searches that can provide you with the name, email address, and home address of any caller.

And to eliminate the possibility of erroneous information, the platform uses an extensive search database that compiles data from active agencies and recently updated public records in order to provide you with the most relevant and accurate information about the person behind the number you're researching.

But what makes EasyPeopleSearch one of the top reverse phone lookup services is the fact that its powerful search engine is designed to produce results in minutes with less effort.

This telephone number lookup service's only drawback is that it does not generate comprehensive background reports like some of the other resources on this list.

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8. BestPeopleFinder

BestPeopleFinder Page

BestPeopleFinder is a fully free reverse phone lookup service that does not require registration or a membership. Similar to some of the other options on this list, BestPeopleFinder offers a variety of search options for reverse lookups of names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

And because all of this information is pulled from reliable sources, public, state, and federal records, it ensures that all the reports you receive are authentic and not fabricated.

It also offers one of the simplest layout designs of any free reverse number search website, giving it a simple and user-friendly solution for those with limited or no technical knowledge. The sole disadvantage is that its database is fairly limited, meaning that the search engine may not always provide relevant results.

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9. BeenVerified

BeenVerified Page

One of the primary reasons the BeenVerified free phone number lookup tool is among our favorite sites on this list is that you can use and customize the search functions according to your needs and the kind of report you need.

In addition to searching for information on phone numbers, the website enables users to do other searches such as people searches, email lookups, address lookups, and even vehicle VIN searches in order to locate information on any individual.

However, it is a terrific platform for checking a phone number because it provides a highly user-friendly application for Android and iOS devices. The app offers the same functionality as the website and allows you to store reports on your mobile device for easy access.

BeenVerified's only drawback is that you might have to wait a while before you receive your search report.

Find Out Who’s Spamming You Now With BeenVerified!

10. Spy Dialer

Spy Page

Spy Dialer is a free reverse phone lookup service with access to millions of publicly registered phone numbers, allowing you to instantly locate information on cell phones, emails, and landlines. It may even help you identify some unlisted numbers, and it provides customers with limitless, cost-free number lookup searches.

Consistent management and development of the website by a team of data and internet specialists ensures that the service will stay reliable and you will not encounter any faults or problems while using it. It also guarantees that all the data you get from your searches are 100% accurate and reliable.

The only downside is that Spy Dialer is limited to looking for phone numbers and email addresses within the United States. This means that if you are located outside the United States, you must select a different choice from this list.

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11. TruePersonFinder

TruePersonFinder Page

TruePersonFinder is a free reverse phone lookup service with a mission, as its directory reaches out to public records, data brokers, government organizations, business databases, and other internet data sources to get a person's name and other pertinent information.

And despite having such a large database, they frequently update their directories, ensuring that any known aliases, dates of birth, past/present addresses, and email addresses that the search engine generates are accurate and relevant.

The website's user interface and search engine are highly intuitive and speedy. In addition, unlike most other free reverse phone lookup services, this one allows you to search for international phone numbers without charge.

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12. FastPeopleFinder

FastPeopleFinder Page

With its free reverse phone number searching tool, FastPeopleFinder does an excellent job of providing consumers with fully detailed information. It enables users to instantly collect basic information on an unknown caller, such as their name, date of birth, age, vital records, and social media accounts, allowing you to narrow down the identity of the unknown caller in a matter of seconds.

Its user interface is also seamless and straightforward. And there are no restrictions on the number of searches you can make. However, this service cannot provide results for overseas phone numbers because its search engine is limited to US municipal, county, state, and federal databases.

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13. Zlookup

Zlookup Page

Zlookup is a unique number lookup service because, unlike the majority of other options on this list, it concentrates solely on free reverse phone searching, allowing it to perform reverse searches on landlines, cell phones, and VOIP lines. It gives background information on foreign and toll-free numbers as well.

This is combined with the fact that cutting-edge number search technology is utilized. The search algorithm of Zlookup combs through millions of online datasets and public records to provide you with the most reliable and accurate results.

In addition, you can perform an unlimited number of free reverse phone lookups with the assurance that they will be conducted securely and anonymously. The only drawback is that it lacks other search options that could prove helpful in your searches, as it only offers a free phone number search.

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14. US Search

US Search Page

Founded in 1993, US Search has proven to be a handy and highly reputable free number lookup service that allows you to conduct an unlimited number of phone number lookups. The website has a very powerful search tool that effectively pulls information from public records, social media, criminal records, and more to provide you with comprehensive background information on the caller.

It is also highly recommended and utilized by a lot of major brands and enterprises, such as CNN, CBS, and Entrepreneur magazine, and it enables the downloading and printing of free reports. However, US Search currently lacks a solid mobile app, and according to many of its previous customers, its customer support team is not as helpful as it ought to be.

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15. Whitepages

Whitepages Page

Whitepages and other internet telephone directories have existed for as long as the need to identify unfamiliar callers has existed. It was founded in 1997, making it one of the oldest services available, and people continue to value it.

It is not the most impressive platform, but what it lacks in aesthetic and distinctive features, it makes up for in huge content. With a massive database at its disposal, Whitepages makes it nearly impossible not to find anything you are searching for.

A single phone number may lead to the caller's professional information and even criminal history. However, the quantity of free information you receive relies on what is publicly accessible. Premium memberships and the additional insights they provide are always valuable.

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Dealing with unknown phone numbers can be a difficult experience; however, it is now easier than ever to put an end to telemarketers and pranksters, as you can use a dependable free reverse phone lookup tool to identify and block unfamiliar numbers at no cost instantly.

And despite the fact that there are so many solid options to pick from, narrowing down the list to the top 3 free reverse phone lookup services frequently boils down to the type of features you require and the amount of background information you're seeking.

This list should prove to be an eye opener that will enable you to assume the role of a private investigator with just a few clicks and verify a phone number in order to have a better hold on any issues involving unexpected callers.